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Our collective expertise and experience highlight our ability to provide
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DSC Entra

Short term loans for individuals and businesses

DSC Entra is derived from the word which means to “assist”
The DSC Entra was established to provide SMEs with short term personal loans, finances to individuals on payroll, entrepreneurs, business owners as well as business with 2 to 5 employees.
Entra is a subsidiary of DSC Limited. She provides funds in short term for cash transactions as well as consulting and financial management services to ensure the effective and efficient use of these Microloans.

DSC Platinum

High-yield Investment Products

DSC Platinum just like the name implies is designed to offer:

  • High interest rates
  • High Products bonds
  • High returns compared to other brand competitors.
This is a service backed by a technology-driven platform for individuals as well as businesses.


Savings Made Easy

DigiKolo is our mobile savings application that allows individuals make safe and seamless savings while accruing up to 13.5% interest rate per annum using different savings features.

Users are able to save flexibly, set targeted savings goals or lock their funds for a set period of time.


DSC Apex

Investment Banking

The DSC Apex is designed as a more functional approach to investing that will drive higher returns by selecting opportunities that result in the highest possible returns over a select period of time compared to similar brands in the financial industry.

This newly developed smart-digital led approach will help businesses, as well business owners to make smarter, more attractive investment choices.

Coral Vest

Finance for the Modern Woman

Coral Vest was developed for the growing desire of women to save for rainy days. A tailored based digital financial product carefully developed for all female needs with key benefits including:

  • Access to DSC marketplace for SME’s.
  • Access to a health insurance platform.
  • Payment opportunities for FX transactions.
  • Payment to local manufacturers for merchandise.
  • Business advisory opportunities.

Savings Plans

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Insurance Brokeage

Quality Insurance at Your Doorstep

We represent some Insurance companies, rendering professional advice and assistance in arranging comprehensive insurance packages that would be extended to cover any of the classes of Insurance of your choice.

Some of the classes of insurance are as follows:
  • Motor Insurance.
  • Agric Insurance.
  • Group Life Insurance.
  • Marine Insurance.
  • Property Insurance.

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