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It’s 15 Days into January and it already feels like we have 100 days in this month but not to worry, Digital Space Capital offers Salary Advances to cater for days like these. Several expenses and “billings” have gone with December, it’s only inevitable that January feels longer than usual. With insufficient funds in your account, payday might seem like a long distant relationship. So why wait till payday when you can take advantage of our Payday Loans and enjoy flexible monthly repayments. Let’s make the remaining ’85 days’ easy for you. 

Our Salary Loan Products

  • Personal loans: Get a salary loan and spread it for as much as 12-15months to enjoy lesser repayments.
  • Emergency loans: Access up to 40% of your salary instantly and payback on payday.

 Wondering if you are eligible? Tick our eligibility box below;


All boxes checked? Congratulations! you can reach us on WhatsApp on 07025003634 or call 09061523085 and let our loans experts handle the rest for you. Do you already have a relationship with Digital Space Capital? Chat with us to link you up with your Account Officer right away.


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