On Tuesday, 15th December 2020 we celebrated with our CEO Bukola Abitoye as she turned 40. It was a turnup with a triad of parties that started on Wednesday. Turning 40 and looking as flawless as she does is no easy feat, so 3 parties sound quite alright to celebrate if you ask me.

It was such a beautiful and grand occasion that featured the launch of her new book, Guiding Grace which talks about her journey from childhood to becoming a CEO and owning her own Financial company. The book is filled with lessons for the reader to apply in their lives and you can send us a dm to get your copy. There was also the official unveiling of her foundation, Florence Modupe Foundation whose mission is to help children remain in school and become self-reliant adults. She named the foundation after her mother, Mrs Florence Modupe Olaniyan which is a way to give people their roses when they are alive. People pledged and donated to show their support to the book launch and the foundation and both were an amazing success.

Then the more interesting part, the food. Look, there was a variety of food, dessert and drinks. I may or may not have eaten more than I can handle, that is left for you to decide😀 . People were able to eat to their fill and still find something to nibble on. I saw 30+ women killing the dance floor in different ways. Ah, there was one young aunty in an amazing black sequin jumpsuit. If you are reading this, shout out to you and your Megan thee stallion knees. I aspire to be like you, Ma. See, people were rocking the dance floor and me I was just swinging my waist left and right small small because that’s the best I could do. Ashamed of myself, I am.

Tope Alabi and Darey Justified were present to lead us in praise and worship and it was amazing. Trust Tope Alabi to sing and hype both the celebrant and God, she is such a Yoruba hype Queen and I love it. This particular worship session was so important to my CEO because 40 years on earth and achieving all that she has is no small feat. She is a strong believer that everything has been due to God’s Guiding Grace (see what I did there? *wink).

Did I mention how gorgeous my CEO looked? She rocked a really nice white pantsuit and then a gold gown later on; she absolutely slayed both. It was a case of “Bukola ma pa wa na” because ahh! God, when??

Before I forget, (because I almost did). Another highlight of the event was when the recording of her husband’s birthday wish for her was aired on the screen. He spoke about how much of a blessing she was to him and ended it by saying she should go outside for a surprise. About 85% of the attendees ran outside like the surprise was for us included and what did we see? A Range Rover 2020! Like a wise man once said, “Love is sweet oh, when money enter love is sweeter”. Everyone was so excited because whattt? Me I was just there thinking about how nice money is. You could see on her face how happy and excited she was about the gift and it was such a lovely thing to witness.


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