DECEMBER- Balling, Saving and DECEMBER- Balling, Saving and everything inbetween.

DECEMBER- Balling, Saving, & Everything Between.

I can actually smell Christmas in the air and I am so giddy with excitement. I mean, I have no plans but what does that even matter, it’s Christmas! You can hear hymns on TV, Decorations are going up in homes and stores, People have already begun their Christmas shopping as a continuation from Black Friday sales and the “innit” IJGB will soon land. The year was extremely difficult for a lot of people, so it feels like there is a need to celebrate making it through the year alive and sane. However, there seems to be two sides on this; the desire to celebrate for making it through the year and the desire to be calm in spending due to the ever-growing inflation. Which side are you?

Whatever side you are on, my goal is to remind you that January has 200 days and if you finish all your money in December, you will soak garri in January. Have fun but remember to not do it at the expense of bleeding your pockets. In fact, endeavour to only spend what is left after you have saved some. Our savings app, DigiKolo can help with this ensuring your money is safe and accruing interest for you.  

Budget. Budget. Budget. I will never stop saying this because I know how much help it can be to you. If you happen to like spontaneous activities, budget money for it as well. I have written on the budget rule here and I’m sure it will be of immense help to you this period.

Nobody will beat you or tell you to do frog jump if you say you cannot afford an outing. And if you go out and the price of the place is sending shivers down your body, remember that there is rice at home (and maybe fried chicken). Stand up and leave if the place happens to be more expensive than you anticipated. Again, nobody will beat you.

If you are travelling in or out of Nigeria for the holidays, endeavour to work with favourable exchange rates so you don’t get yourself cheated. People will try to swindle you out of extra cash if they can, so you have to “shine your eyes”. The good news is that you don’t have to search far for this because at DSC, we give personal and business travel allowances at the sweetest rates you’ll come across. I am giving you an assurance that you will get the best value for your money.

Have fun. Whatever your definition of fun is, have it. Be it sitting at home and chilling, or going out with your friends, ensure you have a sweet time this holiday. The year has been long, rest and unwind when you can, planning how to have a better new year. Do not beat yourself up if you couldn’t achieve the major things on your list, you’re here and alive and that is something considering how rough the year was. Have a sweet sweet December.


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